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For the majority of the time I like to focus on unaffected and natural wedding photography – photographing real moments and real emotions as they happen. Some call this photojournalism or documentary, I like to think of it as natural wedding photography. My goal is to make my couples fall in love with their photographs and to relive the emotions of the day through their images as if they were back there, experiencing it all over again.

I don’t ‘set up’ any really false shots, I don’t put you into strange poses that aren’t who you are; I capture the real-life, beautiful moments of your day, by observing and capturing those moments as they unfold. I can’t plan exactly what will happen and I don’t want to. I love how wedding days unfold and I’m constantly on the look out to anticipate the little looks and interactions between people as it does.

Your wedding is one of the most amazing days of your lives; not a ‘photoshoot’. I will use flash when it’s really needed but generally I work with natures beautiful light – the “photographers dream” soft window light, natures huge softbox on a cloudy day, amazing sunlight for more dramatic effect and of course shade under trees, arches or against walls.

I photograph you and your guests totally naturally throughout the day. We will take a short break at a convenient point of around 15-20 minutes for the 2 of you to catch your breath, realise you are actually married and capture some totally natural portraits so that you can remember that feeling forever through your photographs. We can still do some group shots, of course, but these are best kept to a minimum so that I can get back to getting those candid moments.

If you love what you hear and see then click here to get in touch with me to book your Wedding Photography Collection.

bride and groom black and white portrait at ingatestone hall wedding in essex

I’ll be with you all day and constantly on the look out for those candid moments of raw emotion that you’ll be able to re-live through your photographs.

brides father seeing bride in wedding dress for first time at ingatestone hall wedding in essex

Natural wedding photography includes trying to capture as many moments that occur without any intervention from me. Like this image of the brides father seeing her in her wedding dress for the first time. It’s these magic moments that make every wedding so exciting and emotional.

father of groom taking iphone picture of bridesmaids at cambridge wedding

Natural wedding photography can lead to more humorous, though powerful, images that will mean a lot to you after your wedding day.



If you take a look through my Portfolio, you’ll notice that quite a few of the photos are portraits. There is a purpose to this part of the day, to capture beautiful and natural pictures of the two of you as you suddenly realise you are actually married (wow!). These are unposed and natural, though intended to be visually appealing, focused on the couple just taking a breather together and being themselves, cuddling as they normally would. I gently guide on positioning and location if needed but this is about you two, hopefully you’ll forget I’m there!

bride and groom quiet moment in garden during relaxed portraits

We’ll take a walk around the venue and in the gardens, weather permitting or even if it’s raining if you’re game, and I’ll be away from you sometimes using the branches of trees or other items to get gorgeous effects such as in the image above.

groom giving bride a gentle kiss during relaxed portraits at ingatestone hall wedding essex

…Other times we’ll chat and I’ll be close to you to get amazing more intimate portraits as above. In these photos I intervene in whatever small way I need to, such as directing the couple to a particular location, into great light, or occasionally helping with a natural looking pose.

bride and groom in love during portraits at woodhall manor wedding in suffolk

As you enjoy the stroll and I find the right creative and emotional moment I press the shutter button. This creates beautiful candid portraiture, looking unposed and natural – just the ticket in my book!

ingatestone hall wedding photographer essex

Whilst I love these natural portraits and show them in my portfolio, images such as these are actually only a small part of my Wedding Photography coverage. Instead I’ll be focusing on the more candid real moments and real emotions.


Whilst it might be the amazing portrait of you by the sea (depending where you are getting married) that gets enlarged for your wall at home, it’s usually the ‘real moment’ shots that are treasured for years to come.

The first kiss after you have become husband and wife for instance, now that is raw and honest emotion…

ingatestone hall wedding photographer essex

The moments shared between the bride and her father before setting off for the ceremony…

ingatestone hall wedding photographer essex

The brides best friend and bridesmaid shedding tears as her bestie gets married…

ingatestone hall wedding photographer essex

People Focussed

One of the main reasons I wanted to take up wedding photography as a career was because I love to photograph people. We are freezing amazing moments in peoples lives – happiness, laughter, little looks, tenderness, big smiles and tears of joy. The uniqueness and individuality of photography people both challenges and excites me in equal measure, and there’s nothing quite like a wedding for offering up so many rich and varied human emotions and interactions.

I’ll be spending the majority of my time with the two most important people at a wedding, the bride and groom of course, watching and capturing the little moments that make up their day, but I’ll also be constantly observing and capturing the other special, candid moments that are happening around them of your family and friends. This to me is almost as important and mixing with all the people at a wedding is so much fun.

For example, these children playing in the grounds at the reception, no – don’t push her in please! …

ingatestone hall wedding photographer essex

That massive squeeze from one of your best friends as you are greeted after the ceremony. Pure unbridled emotion and totally natural wedding photography…

ingatestone hall wedding photographer essex

That moment of emotion for the bride as her father gives his speech having lost your treasured mum a year before (I shed a tear at this one, pheew!) …

ingatestone hall wedding photographer essex

Mum capturing her own precious memories as you take to the floor for that emotional first dance. She is so proud.

ingatestone hall wedding photographer essex

Laughter and Smiles!

A wedding is a day of pure happiness and excitement and I just love this, it drives me in my work. If you look through my portfolio, or through some of my weddings on my blog, then you’ll notice a lot of laughing and smiling. These are the images I love to capture and deliver to you, they make me happy and so many of my clients comment on how relaxed, natural and fun their pictures are. Nothing contrived and false here! Some of my favourite bits of feedback from couples has been them saying how relaxed I was when photographing their wedding and how well I’ve got on with their family and friends – I pride myself on bringing a sense of humour with me and being able to be relaxed and unobtrusive, which really helps you and your guests feel at ease, and thus enables me to capture so many fun moments.

Like this, where the groom rushed up to me and asked me to run in and take a picture of his dad being dressed properly by his mum! Pure gold…

ingatestone hall wedding photographer essex

Dad escorting his gorgeous and radiant daughter into the church and down the aisle, priceless…

ingatestone hall wedding photographer essex

The first time you’ve seen your mum and dad have a dance together since you were a little girl…

ingatestone hall wedding photographer essex

The little bridesmaid who would cry if you took her picture but then chases you around the house turning you into a frog!!

ingatestone hall wedding photographer essex

As the evening celebrations get into full swing, that moment when your favourite song comes on the dance floor and you think you’re in Ibiza again!…

ingatestone hall wedding photographer essex

And the guests reactions as the groom goes for a big dip during the first dance. I love these real natural moments

ingatestone hall wedding photographer essex

Wow, you’ve made it all the way through…

…so you may wish to find out more about my wedding packages, browse through my gallery, perhaps look at my recent ‘Best of 2016’ post, or perhaps enquire about a potential booking. I have lots of recent work, including full weddings, on my blog, too.


  1. Miglena Koleva

    Such a good looking wedding photos. I’ve shown ’em today at our office to my wedding photographer for inspiration and ideas.
    Thanks alot!

    • Paul Ward

      Thank you so much Miglena, that means a lot to me 😉

  2. Rashid

    A wedding event is an essential ingredient of your life. So we need to put a great effort to make it as memorable as we can. for this natural photography plays an essential part. taking natural pictures is quite risky and tactical. this blog encourages to take natural photography in a great manner.

  3. Salim Khan

    Natural wedding photography is supposed to be a bit tricky job that cannot be accomplished without sufficient expertise in this field. This blogs tells all about the photographer’s tactics about clicking the most natural types of wedding photos, while featuring some brilliant examples from his portfolio.

    • Paul Ward

      Thank you so much Salim 😉


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